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The Secret to Our Hot Sauce?
The perfect blend of Heat & Flavor!

Rubin's hot sauce is a unique proprietary blend of  home grown Carolina Reaper peppers.
This tantalizing recipe is infused with a citrus based blend of tropical fruits that satisfies the relentless search for the perfect heat by hot sauce lovers everywhere!

Why Your Patrons will Love Our Hot Sauce...

We've looked for the salt & pepper shakers and seen the same old hot sauces that are available on the table for years and now a new label catches your eye. Curiously you drip a drop on your food and the taste does the rest. Try it for yourself, we're convinced it's the best hot sauce you'll ever eat! No GMO, NO Preservatives and Gluten Free.

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Our Restaurant Line

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 Package 1

(16) 8oz squeeze bottles of

Rubin's Hot Sauce



Package 3

(8) 8oz squeeze bottles with a half gallon refill bottle of

Rubin's Hot Sauce



What Our Restauranteurs Say

“I assembled some Cioppino the other night with mussels, squid, little neck clams, atlantic cod, and bay scallops. Normally the heat comes from the red pepper flakes, which I reduced the amount and substituted with adding more of Rubin's Hot Sauce, and I poured it on pretty thick!  This truly upended the traditional flavor profile of my Cioppino, the spice from the Carolina Reaper Peppers was so nicely balanced by the sweetness and tang of the island fruit.   Rubin's Hot Sauce flavors have remarkable depth, and can liven up any dish, this should be a holstered hot sauce for any hot sauce connoisseur!”

Geoff Ahlberg


Took some Baby Ray's, added peaches, mandarin oranges, garlic and Rubin's Hot Sauce all pureed together. Holy sh** was it good. Marinated and brushed the chicken with it, finished with melted cheddar and bacon crumbles. Sweet and spicy, YUM!

Dave Parnell

Chef & Bartender

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